Saturday, February 16, 2013


2013-02-16_15-25-40_796BBQ CHICKEN, HOT DOGS, HAMBURGERS.
FOOD, BEVERAGE, AND ENTERTAINMENT ….that’s what greeted me shortly after I got to my site at Wickham Park. When I got there Cynthia was out and about…I was just finishing up my hook up when she got back….said we were invited to a party! Some of the nice people parked across the way.... so gathered up our chairs, dogs, some beans she made and off we went.
2013-02-16_15-26-38_732The beverage was mmmm good. A big pitcher of sangrias…tasty…. something I have not had before.
2013-02-16_16-12-42_495After the food and drink we were entertained by these guys. The host on the right in the pic below …use to open for some big name entertainers…like in the 80’s I think he said. Him and his wife.
2013-02-16_16-18-03_421Think there were about 15 people and numerous dogs. As the sun got lower in the sky boy did the temps dip and the wind picked up….cooled right down so Maggie and I headed for home. Had to figure out why I could not get the TV to work…finally remembered that I had (with some help) to do a search scan. Ok that worked. Now to figure out why my stove top is not working. Hot water heater is working so I know I have propane. Another thing that I can not figure out is how to turn of the furnace. There is no off position … I have the thermostat turned way down and it still comes on. I want to use my little electric heater and not use up all my propane. I guess these will be projects for tomorrow cause now I am tired….and headed for bed.
Thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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