Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yesterday sis and I went out and did a little shopping, went to Viera. Went over to The Avenue,  stopped at Michaels. Then went over to the WM plaza and stopped at Holly Lobby and Ross’s. I got a couple tops and a table cloth at Ross’s. Took us all day for 3 stores, we would have to spend a week or more to visit every store there. Also had lunch at Chic F. Here is a link to the shops at The Avenue

018Got this hanging holder with 35 pockets on each side to store things. I will be using it for my art/craft items that I want to travel with me in the rig. In fact it is working so good I am going back and get another one. Got this at Ross’s while shopping in Viera.
A couple  of sis visiting days we went to the beach.
2013-02-06_15-22-22_829This is a pic from the first day we went. It was hazy and over cast most of the day, then in late afternoon the sun came out a bit, and the color of the ocean was unbelievable, bright aqua, in front with dark blue the further out you went….click on the pic to see the color better…at times like this I wish I had a good camera.

2013-02-06_15-06-25_433And here is Maggie lying on her new beach matt. Enjoying the waves and sea gulls and other birds that she can not catch, much to her dismay.
2013-01-07_11-30-16_836We took the rig so we could take breaks, here is what we had for lunch. Pretty healthy I would say …better than McD’s that is right across the road.
The main reason for going to the beach was to get some shell for sister Nancy. There were a ton of shells that day so she had a ball gathering. I have not yet taken any pic’s of the shells. We are having a good time visiting here in Florida, everyday we check the weather in PA… and compare lol….


  1. Love that hanging holder. I'm missing the beach and hope to be there in a few days.

  2. Thanks for stopping by...hope you get to the
    beach soon...I love reading your posts.