Monday, February 18, 2013


 003looked out the window and saw this white van pull in front of the rig. Thought someone was wanting my spot. Went out and seen these 4 girls! Linda, Sarah, Sandy and Wendy!
004Here we all are freezing but posing for our pic. Cynthia took it for us. I was really glad to see them. The were over at the beach looking at the waves and came by to see Wickham Park and stopped to visit.
001Was a little warmer this afternoon so went out on the picnic table and worked on my flamingo flag. The letters I glued on got wet and started to come off. So I traced around them and now I will paint them on. Also made 5 pairs of earrings while I was out there in the sun.
002Food shot for the day….a snack this afternoon…micro wave cheese nachos. I used very little mild salsa…it does not agree with me…but a little once in awhile is ok. These are very good! Top them with sour cream and black olives, what ever you like. I will be packing up in the morning going back to my dads. But will be going out to lunch with Cynthia and another lady Marilyn here at the cg. I was nice getting away just wish it would have been warmer.  Not sure where my next get away will be or when. That’s all from Maggie & me for today thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings  G&M

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