Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well I have tried 3 times to do this post hope it goes this time. Lot of room in there for RV'ing. Waiting for the bed.

I tried to get these pic's in order but didn't turn out that way. Here is son building the bed. I bought 2x2's for the frame and a couple of 1x4's. Son said only bed he knew of with a $10 frame and a  $150 deck! We used some old walnut tongue an grooved flooring for it.

Finished bed, and below a test fit. Fit just fine. It did not take him long to build it either. We are happy thanks son!!

I had 4 in. memory foam and doubled it so now have 8 in. to sleep on. Very comfy. To cut the foam I used (what else from fishing family) but a electric fish fillet knife. Worked slick.

And here are the two supervisors of the job, dad and Maggie. lol
On my last post Judy ask if I was going to sell my house. At this time no, I will wait and see what the future brings my way and maybe the housing market will be up in the next couple years. But I don't see me living here in PA. Also wanted to know if I am moving to FL permanently. No to that also. Just being there with my dad right now. Still hoping to do some traveling sometime down the road. Thanks for comet's Judy at least I know one person reads my blog! We will be leaving in eight days. I am antsy wanting to get going. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well I guess most people go on lunch or dinner time picnic's but Grammy N Maggie go on breakfast picnic's ! These two pic's are from today and yesterdays breakfast view.

In the back ground where are the fog is located is the Shenango River. We are again at the Riverside Park here in town. I love coming at this time of day as there are not many peeps around only a few walkers.  It has really been foggy the last few mornings as you can see. This is the next best thing I can do, not being able to go camping at this time.

Yesterday I was to meet the auction man at my brothers and show him around so he could take pic's for advertising and give him the keys so they can start organizing for the auction. So while I waited I gave MzSavana a bath.(and Maggie girl got one too) Bigger job washing a van, than the Toyota truck. My neighbor gave me something to use that will not take off the wax when washing. She shined up real nice!
Today I got the Dry Lock painted on the basement walls. I used 2 gal. it was just enough as I did not have to paint all the wall area. Swept the floor and now ready to put on a coat of paint. I did half of the floor last year. Got the garage cleaned out also. That took me about 3 days. So all in all I got all the things but one done that was on my list for this summer here in PA.
I know that I was to show you pic's of  my son building the bed in the van, but I forgot to download the pic's from my camera and now I have missed placed it. But not to worry it will show up. Dad has been going down to my sisters to watch TV every afternoon, the I go down and we all eat dinner together. Its a nice time. Well I am done working for today. I will close now, thanks for looking and come back soon

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I had a yard sale yesterday, joined in on a neighborhood one. Not as many peeps around that usually  come to yard sales like this. Not one person bothered me at 7 am before the sale started at 8 am. This sale is one that I have had the least amount of stuff to sell. Before I took these pic's I had sold a few pieces of furniture so it looks kinda empty.

 This is a view from the other end of side walk. I set up in front of my house usually is do it in the drive way on the side and in front. All the trees you see in the front of my house are ones that I grew from little twigs. You cant see the sunburst locust, then a oak that I planted from an acorn and a magnolia on the right side of the side walk, and in the for ground is a Korean Dogwood. My own little forrest.  My house faces the west and the south so I get hot sun all day and evening. Before the trees grew I could not enjoy my  front porch. Now every thing is totally shaded.
So this morning bright and early 6:30 am Maggie and I went out for breakfast. Our first meal in our new RV MzSavana! What fun. We went to our local park Riverside Park. Went to McD, and sheets for our breakfast food. Oat meal, ever eat McD's oat meal??? Wonderful stuff. And french vanilla from Sheetz. !  It was almost like staying at a campground. The Shenango Rive runs along side it so we even had some water near by.                  

Sat in my new to me lawn chair in side, and Maggie tested out our new bed ! My son build my bed for me on Thursday I have pic's of that and will post that next time. I love my new bed!!!! Thanks son!!!
Will be cleaning up from the yard sale and cleaning out the garage today. We will be leaving in 2 and 1/2 weeks, I am glad to be going but awful sad at the same time. My brothers children are having an auction on the 25th, we will not be here, and I am glad. That place has been my home all these years, raised there , then dad sold it to my bro and it was still home. Well I better get busy, thanks for looking and come back soon!
Blessings G&M

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I guess the worst of it is over with for dad and I. We will be headed back to Florida on Sept. 5. My brothers children are having an estate auction on the 25th but we will be gone by then. I don't have any pic's to show you but thought I would put in a few old barn's up might see while traveling thru the Pennsylvania country side. Pa is a beautiful state and you all should come and spend some time. Not so much in the winter tho, unless you want ot spend a LOT of time lol. This is a pic of an out house that I think is still in use on an Amish farm. There are quit a few of those still around. Lot of Amish in the area where I live.

 And here is a pic of me and my Maggie girl, in happier time. My brother took this pic of us at a yard sale we were having at his place a couple years ago.
I will be trying to blog more, I want to blog about our trip back to FL but it will not be a camping trip. Dad will be with me. Making Mz. Savanah into my travel RV should make for some interesting blogging! On Thurs. my son is coming to build my bed. I will take pic's.  I dont expect to get much done the rest of the time I am here, but will work on it in FL.
Some times I am not sure what to write about in this blog. At first it was to be a geocache blog, then added travel to it, that did not turn out, due to going to stay with my dad. Now I have been thinking that I might want to start blogging for the future generations of my family. But then again not sure what to tell them. Maybe I will just write what I am feeling and what is going on in life for me at the time. Oh well I am sure I will  muddle along.
Trying to get packing for the trip is giving me fits this time. Seems like I cant concentrate on what needs to be done. I do have what art/craft supplies I am taking with me done. But that's about it. Soon as bed is built I will start packing van and see what goes from there. Taking dad to dentist today and see about getting myself a pair of shoes. Yesterday I trimmed back the butter fly bushes, hated to do it so early but have no choice this time. Also got the lawn mowed with son's mower. So thats if for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M