Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I guess the worst of it is over with for dad and I. We will be headed back to Florida on Sept. 5. My brothers children are having an estate auction on the 25th but we will be gone by then. I don't have any pic's to show you but thought I would put in a few old barn's up might see while traveling thru the Pennsylvania country side. Pa is a beautiful state and you all should come and spend some time. Not so much in the winter tho, unless you want ot spend a LOT of time lol. This is a pic of an out house that I think is still in use on an Amish farm. There are quit a few of those still around. Lot of Amish in the area where I live.

 And here is a pic of me and my Maggie girl, in happier time. My brother took this pic of us at a yard sale we were having at his place a couple years ago.
I will be trying to blog more, I want to blog about our trip back to FL but it will not be a camping trip. Dad will be with me. Making Mz. Savanah into my travel RV should make for some interesting blogging! On Thurs. my son is coming to build my bed. I will take pic's.  I dont expect to get much done the rest of the time I am here, but will work on it in FL.
Some times I am not sure what to write about in this blog. At first it was to be a geocache blog, then added travel to it, that did not turn out, due to going to stay with my dad. Now I have been thinking that I might want to start blogging for the future generations of my family. But then again not sure what to tell them. Maybe I will just write what I am feeling and what is going on in life for me at the time. Oh well I am sure I will  muddle along.
Trying to get packing for the trip is giving me fits this time. Seems like I cant concentrate on what needs to be done. I do have what art/craft supplies I am taking with me done. But that's about it. Soon as bed is built I will start packing van and see what goes from there. Taking dad to dentist today and see about getting myself a pair of shoes. Yesterday I trimmed back the butter fly bushes, hated to do it so early but have no choice this time. Also got the lawn mowed with son's mower. So thats if for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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