Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well I have tried 3 times to do this post hope it goes this time. Lot of room in there for RV'ing. Waiting for the bed.

I tried to get these pic's in order but didn't turn out that way. Here is son building the bed. I bought 2x2's for the frame and a couple of 1x4's. Son said only bed he knew of with a $10 frame and a  $150 deck! We used some old walnut tongue an grooved flooring for it.

Finished bed, and below a test fit. Fit just fine. It did not take him long to build it either. We are happy thanks son!!

I had 4 in. memory foam and doubled it so now have 8 in. to sleep on. Very comfy. To cut the foam I used (what else from fishing family) but a electric fish fillet knife. Worked slick.

And here are the two supervisors of the job, dad and Maggie. lol
On my last post Judy ask if I was going to sell my house. At this time no, I will wait and see what the future brings my way and maybe the housing market will be up in the next couple years. But I don't see me living here in PA. Also wanted to know if I am moving to FL permanently. No to that also. Just being there with my dad right now. Still hoping to do some traveling sometime down the road. Thanks for comet's Judy at least I know one person reads my blog! We will be leaving in eight days. I am antsy wanting to get going. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

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  1. Hopefully the aftermath of Isaac will be gone before you get there.