Sunday, August 19, 2012


I had a yard sale yesterday, joined in on a neighborhood one. Not as many peeps around that usually  come to yard sales like this. Not one person bothered me at 7 am before the sale started at 8 am. This sale is one that I have had the least amount of stuff to sell. Before I took these pic's I had sold a few pieces of furniture so it looks kinda empty.

 This is a view from the other end of side walk. I set up in front of my house usually is do it in the drive way on the side and in front. All the trees you see in the front of my house are ones that I grew from little twigs. You cant see the sunburst locust, then a oak that I planted from an acorn and a magnolia on the right side of the side walk, and in the for ground is a Korean Dogwood. My own little forrest.  My house faces the west and the south so I get hot sun all day and evening. Before the trees grew I could not enjoy my  front porch. Now every thing is totally shaded.
So this morning bright and early 6:30 am Maggie and I went out for breakfast. Our first meal in our new RV MzSavana! What fun. We went to our local park Riverside Park. Went to McD, and sheets for our breakfast food. Oat meal, ever eat McD's oat meal??? Wonderful stuff. And french vanilla from Sheetz. !  It was almost like staying at a campground. The Shenango Rive runs along side it so we even had some water near by.                  

Sat in my new to me lawn chair in side, and Maggie tested out our new bed ! My son build my bed for me on Thursday I have pic's of that and will post that next time. I love my new bed!!!! Thanks son!!!
Will be cleaning up from the yard sale and cleaning out the garage today. We will be leaving in 2 and 1/2 weeks, I am glad to be going but awful sad at the same time. My brothers children are having an auction on the 25th, we will not be here, and I am glad. That place has been my home all these years, raised there , then dad sold it to my bro and it was still home. Well I better get busy, thanks for looking and come back soon!
Blessings G&M

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