Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I now tell Maggie that it is BAD BOY BIRD and that it is "ok" when I tell her things are ok she knows what that means and calms down. Bird is now coming every few hrs or so, maybe he is taking his turn on the nest. Hope he will soon be catching bugs and too busy helping feeding his "kids" to bother the "other" bird in the window ! lol
Found this cache over the weekend. It took me about 15 min to find. My GPS was a little off. Was just about ready to leave and looked one more place from a different angle and there it was.
Close up of the cache.
Here are a couple of pic's for my son. His name. WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Cold this morning only 46....but will be mid 70's this afternoon and sunny. What a great day. I am getting ready to go north in another month. Going to get an oil change in the truck this week and checking a few other things. Got to get my AAA back in service. Diverticulitis is not totally healed yet, and I think I rushed putting more fiber in my diet, this is really hard to deal with. Maybe if I had not let it go so long it would be better. So anyway I am back on soft diet, and low fiber again. But I am definitely feeling better than I have in almost a year. That makes me think I will be getting more painting done in the house this year. I really cant wait to get home for awhile! I will not be moving to Florida permanently. So I will be keeping my home in PA at least for now. I still want to travel around esp. in the winter. I will gladly be a snow bird lol. As long as dad is in good shape I will be doing summers in PA. Not sure about an RV at this time , but I am working toward a van. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings Donna

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


ABOVE: Well so much for the "scare crow" Will ya look at that defiant red head ! He is back at it today!
So I did what worked yesterday until the wind whipped them away. I covered the windows.
Not to pretty but it works.
I had this empty hanging box planter left over from a stag horn plant. Seen these beautiful petunias at WM yesterday. Got them to hang in front of my window for something pretty to look at ! Yeah....right. Judy if you read this ...do you know how long this woodpecker will keep this up? I would hate to cover up the windows for a long time. Or do you know of any other way to make him stop this?
Maggie and I went to the park at sunrise for breakfast and our daily devotions. Was so peaceful. until the dog walkers came out. Then Maggie could not contain herself. Look how still the river is this morning. Well thats it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


ABOVE: Here is our first spring tomato's getting ripe. Dad planted cherry (these ) and Roma for the spring/summer. Roma not ripe yet, but soon.
ABOVE: The problem woodpecker. This morning sitting on window, this innocent looking bird, has cause havoc all day long. Pecking constantly at my window today. Still at it @ 5 pm. Maggie has been going postal all day. We have tinted windows and on the out side in the day light it is a mirror. He sees himself and thinks it is his new mate. I don't know the mating habits of woodpeckers but he hits at the window , chirping and his tail feathers are out like a fan. So I think that is what is going on.
I put up a scare crow of sorts, you can see how the windows are mirrors. You can see me taking a pic.
This is his nest. You can see him sitting on the top if you right click and enlarge pic. A few years ago the power co. came to change out the power pole. When they were working dad went out and told them that a woodpecker nested in the pole. The said no problem and cut that part of the old pole and attached it to the new one. And bingo.... woodpecker had a new old home. Right now he is sitting on the window looking at himself. I think he is wore out.
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL: nice 79 and sunny with breeze. Thanks for looking and come back soon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Maggie and I went out caching this weekend. I never cached a power trail before. This what I found when looking for this one. Out in the Florida farm land, long stretches of road with open fields and cows. Up this side and .....
down this side..... not many cars on this road. And being in Florida it is all very flat.I got these pic out of order, but I found this at one of the caches. Its stone and carved with letters. I wonder if it is a way marker or what.
There is a cache hanging in there. Right click to make the pic bigger.
All the caches were like these that I found. I only found 6 but, there are a bunch along this road. I will be going back to get more. I got tired out so had to stop.
The caches are in bushes like these all along the road.
This one was easy to see, being green in all the dead branches. Some blend right in, that's why I don't see them. These type of caches are nice for me, because I can not go in and do the bush whacking thing. I need easy ones. It is still a challenge for me, because I do not see well in bushes lol. I know a lot of cachers don't like these but I do. Something for everyone.
I have been feeling much better, except when I eat something that I should not eat. But with this you don't know that until you eat it. One good thing is I don't eat as much and eating much better and losing some wt. Went to sunrise church serves on Sunday, Maggie went along as it was down at the park outside. I will post about it next. Got the mini album done for my granddaughter to be. Her shower is first weekend May. You can take a look on my other blog.
http://redapplejunction.blogspot.com/ I posted about it today. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Monday, April 2, 2012


Me and Maggie took a day trip last week. Went looking for Florida State Parks. Well found the Sebastien State park, but also what I found out you have to pay just to ride around these parks. Something I am not use to, in PA we have free state parks, only have to pay if you want to go into the camp grounds. I didn't want to pay $4 just to spend a couple hrs looking so we did not go in the park. On down the road we went across the inter coastal water way back to the main land and found this little park at the end of the cause way. Most cause ways here have these little parks. Did not see any manatees here.
There is a geo cache down this way, but just as we started to look for it a muggle fisherman pulled in and that was that.
We pulled down to the other end of the park and had our lunch under these palm trees. Watched all the interesting things on and around the water. Nice! I am in Florida what can I say :):):) If you click on the pic to enlarge it , I think you can see little Maggies cute little head in the window. Oops she is hiding, but I found out you have to right click on the pic and then click open and it will make it bigger.
Next up on another day we went geocaching. This is on the grounds of a local hospital. Nice to come out here and eat your lunch while working here. Or just on a break.

Here is the cache...see it? Has a magnet on it and stuck to the side of this box. My health issues are much on the mend and I am feeling really good. I think I have been feeling bad since last summer and didn't really know what it was. I know one thing I will be eating a much better diet from now on. I really feel like doing things again! We have found more geocaches but I will save them for other posts so its not so long between posts! I will be leaving here the first week in June to see my peeps in PA and go to my grandsons wedding in Pittsburgh that should be fun!! I plan on doing a lot more sight seeing and traveling here in Florida and more. I will be buying Maggie a stroller this month so she can go places and give me more freedom. Having Maggie is like having a 2 year old child to care for. But what would I do with out her!!!!!!???? Anyone out there know where to get one at a good price? Today I am going to be working on a paper bag mini album for my granddaughter to be. It is for her bridal shower. If you want to know more about it go here and check it out. My other blog. http://redapplejunction.blogspot.com/ Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon