Tuesday, April 17, 2012


ABOVE: Here is our first spring tomato's getting ripe. Dad planted cherry (these ) and Roma for the spring/summer. Roma not ripe yet, but soon.
ABOVE: The problem woodpecker. This morning sitting on window, this innocent looking bird, has cause havoc all day long. Pecking constantly at my window today. Still at it @ 5 pm. Maggie has been going postal all day. We have tinted windows and on the out side in the day light it is a mirror. He sees himself and thinks it is his new mate. I don't know the mating habits of woodpeckers but he hits at the window , chirping and his tail feathers are out like a fan. So I think that is what is going on.
I put up a scare crow of sorts, you can see how the windows are mirrors. You can see me taking a pic.
This is his nest. You can see him sitting on the top if you right click and enlarge pic. A few years ago the power co. came to change out the power pole. When they were working dad went out and told them that a woodpecker nested in the pole. The said no problem and cut that part of the old pole and attached it to the new one. And bingo.... woodpecker had a new old home. Right now he is sitting on the window looking at himself. I think he is wore out.
WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL: nice 79 and sunny with breeze. Thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. My birdy guess is that he thinks the reflection is an interloper to his territory. He's trying to get rid of him. :)

  2. lol...well Judy you would sure know better than me.... I love birds and love to watch them...but he is on my last nerve!!!!