Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I now tell Maggie that it is BAD BOY BIRD and that it is "ok" when I tell her things are ok she knows what that means and calms down. Bird is now coming every few hrs or so, maybe he is taking his turn on the nest. Hope he will soon be catching bugs and too busy helping feeding his "kids" to bother the "other" bird in the window ! lol
Found this cache over the weekend. It took me about 15 min to find. My GPS was a little off. Was just about ready to leave and looked one more place from a different angle and there it was.
Close up of the cache.
Here are a couple of pic's for my son. His name. WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FL. Cold this morning only 46....but will be mid 70's this afternoon and sunny. What a great day. I am getting ready to go north in another month. Going to get an oil change in the truck this week and checking a few other things. Got to get my AAA back in service. Diverticulitis is not totally healed yet, and I think I rushed putting more fiber in my diet, this is really hard to deal with. Maybe if I had not let it go so long it would be better. So anyway I am back on soft diet, and low fiber again. But I am definitely feeling better than I have in almost a year. That makes me think I will be getting more painting done in the house this year. I really cant wait to get home for awhile! I will not be moving to Florida permanently. So I will be keeping my home in PA at least for now. I still want to travel around esp. in the winter. I will gladly be a snow bird lol. As long as dad is in good shape I will be doing summers in PA. Not sure about an RV at this time , but I am working toward a van. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings Donna

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