Sunday, May 6, 2012


 I am beginning to think I live in a Blue Heron reserve. On my morning walk in the neighborhood, there are 5 Blue Heron nest in these giant pine trees. It must be nesting season, there is a lot of noise and flapping of wings going on.
 I have a really bad camera so right click on the pics to see better. I am almost to embarrassed to post these pic''s. Next year I am getting a new camera. I am thrilled to see all these birds! There could be more than 5 pair but that is how many I have seen so far. I have not seen the guy that visits our front yard everyday. He must be busy lol

And last but not least :) Maggie got a new dogie mobile. Is she not the cutest thing! I got this dog stroller at the flea market yesterday. I have been looking in the pet stores, and all they have are ugly black strollers. Besides being ugly, black will bake a little dog in the hot Florida sun. What do these people think anyway?? They have a nice little pet shop at the flea market and I had seen these there last year. So went to check them out and got this one. It comes apart, and is a carrier, and a car seat. Cant beat that. And was a few buck cheaper than the ugly black ones. She seams to like it ok, I wheeled her around the house then in the drive way today and she did ok. She hates to have her pic taken, when I was trying to take this, she turned her head away, I told her I see a kitty and she jerked around and I snapped it lol. This will come in handy when traveling, she can now go everywhere with me and we can be tourist & see things. Was limited before, cause could not leave her in hot truck. Well that's it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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