Saturday, May 26, 2012


 While out and about last week we saw these Sandhill Crane looks like a mama, papa and baby. These cranes are all over the place around central Florida. These are crossing a major six lane highway. A few weeks ago not far from dad's a baby crane got hit by a car and killed. The mama and papa would not leave the baby. They kept walking over to it and standing there. Some one moved to the side of the road and it was several hrs before the highway dept. came and removed it and mama and papa  stayed right there with it all that time. It was so  sad.

Here is a geo cach we found awhile ago. It is a fake stone with a slide out bottom where the cache is hid. Took a little while to find. But it was fun.

I have been meaning to do this ever since I came to Florida. And that is take pictures of all the beautiful and colorful buildings. The pink one looks like a fun beach motel. Found it up in Cocoa.
This is a famous , I guess you would call it a "tourist trap store". Ron Jon. If you travel down I-95 you will see advertisement for hundreds of miles. Way long before you come to it in Florida. I was stopped at a red light and this is only a small sections of the whole complex. I have never been in  it but, it's on my to do list next fall.

WEATHER IN MELBOURNE FLORIDA: Hot hot hot and muggy. I am very glad I will not be here at summer. It will get even more muggy and hotter. Don't see how peeps live here at that time of the year. I guess you don't go out side much and that would not be good for me,  because I am an out doors girl. Went to a few yard sales yesterday a bunch of duds. Have a couple more totes to put in the truck and then last min. things and I am good to go. I hope to leave on the 7th or 8th of June. Cant wait to get going. I also went looking for dress for the wedding,,,,,ugh....that's about all I can say. Even tho I have lost weight I still look so fat in all the dresses I tried on. Daughter said wait till I get there and she would help me look. She has to get hers yet.

Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon.


  1. The baby is the most important thing in the lives of those cranes. So sad...

    Have you thought of getting rid of the word verification thingy? It is a real pain in the...

  2. Thanks Judy, I did't know that word thingy
    was turned on, I will turn it of soon as I
    figure out how......