Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We went looking for yard sales and geocaches on Sat. Few yard sales were found, but we ran into a craft show in Cocoa Beach. Check that at http://redapplejunction.blogspot.com/ my other blog. This is the one I looked for at cocoa Beach. It was in a neat park that had a walking nature trail in it also. Alot of caches in this area have to do with the space program, remember I dream of Jeannie ? This is one that is named after that show.  

A pic of the cache below.
This is a pic of how busy the beach is in a tourist area. Our beaches in Melbourne are not that busy, at least I have never seen them like this. I should have walked down to see how they keep those tents from blowing away it is always breezy at the beach.

This guy was setting up for a 20th anniversary party. It was located on one of the pavilions on the board walk that is part of the access to the beach. It was really windy and he was not happy. I seen more at the park where the geocache was and we were able to walk the trail, so I will post about the next. Had fun and Maggie was able to go along in her buggy.

I do not like this blogger at all!!! I have know idea what the blog is going to look like when posted, it seems that blogger put the pic's and text where ever. So I guess I will stop caring what my blog looks like as long as you can see pic's and words.

My trip as been postponed for a few days. No biggie, just need to hang around and help dad out with a few things. I will be leaving a few days later is  all. But let me tell ya I am ready to head north for the summer. And speaking of that, it seems like I will not selling my house and be moving to Florida after all. I will be a snowbird!! That will be the best of both worlds I think! As long as things work out ok this will be what I am going to be doing. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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