Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Over the weekend Maggie and I spent time at the park watching all the Memorial Day play. All kind of boat were out and about. Above this guy could not get the boat started after he got it in the water.

Now this guy had some kind of fire power ! Look at those thee huge motors. WOW

And seen a few of these, heard about this sport but first time I have seen it. Looks like a surf board, not sure if it is, but you stand on it and use a long paddle to move about. Not for me lol, i would be in the drink in a nano second if I ever got up on it in the first place.

And there were a lot of these Skee Do type boats. Not sure if you call them boats or not . But lot of fun on these that's for sure.
And the kayaks can't forget those, now this is something I would like to try. In this area you can not rev up your motors.
Have to be on idle  because of Manatees come in here.  Talked to a guy when i got there, said he was fishing earlier and see one. I missed it. Spent most of the morning there.

I think I turned off the verifying word thing , would someone leave me a commet and let me know. Thanks. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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