Wednesday, April 18, 2012


ABOVE: Well so much for the "scare crow" Will ya look at that defiant red head ! He is back at it today!
So I did what worked yesterday until the wind whipped them away. I covered the windows.
Not to pretty but it works.
I had this empty hanging box planter left over from a stag horn plant. Seen these beautiful petunias at WM yesterday. Got them to hang in front of my window for something pretty to look at ! Yeah....right. Judy if you read this you know how long this woodpecker will keep this up? I would hate to cover up the windows for a long time. Or do you know of any other way to make him stop this?
Maggie and I went to the park at sunrise for breakfast and our daily devotions. Was so peaceful. until the dog walkers came out. Then Maggie could not contain herself. Look how still the river is this morning. Well thats it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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  1. Covering up the windows is the only thing that I know that works. My guess would be he'll do that until the young leave the nest. It takes about a month, more or less, from the time the eggs are laid until the young fledge.