Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Maggie and I went out caching this weekend. I never cached a power trail before. This what I found when looking for this one. Out in the Florida farm land, long stretches of road with open fields and cows. Up this side and .....
down this side..... not many cars on this road. And being in Florida it is all very flat.I got these pic out of order, but I found this at one of the caches. Its stone and carved with letters. I wonder if it is a way marker or what.
There is a cache hanging in there. Right click to make the pic bigger.
All the caches were like these that I found. I only found 6 but, there are a bunch along this road. I will be going back to get more. I got tired out so had to stop.
The caches are in bushes like these all along the road.
This one was easy to see, being green in all the dead branches. Some blend right in, that's why I don't see them. These type of caches are nice for me, because I can not go in and do the bush whacking thing. I need easy ones. It is still a challenge for me, because I do not see well in bushes lol. I know a lot of cachers don't like these but I do. Something for everyone.
I have been feeling much better, except when I eat something that I should not eat. But with this you don't know that until you eat it. One good thing is I don't eat as much and eating much better and losing some wt. Went to sunrise church serves on Sunday, Maggie went along as it was down at the park outside. I will post about it next. Got the mini album done for my granddaughter to be. Her shower is first weekend May. You can take a look on my other blog.
http://redapplejunction.blogspot.com/ I posted about it today. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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