Monday, April 2, 2012


Me and Maggie took a day trip last week. Went looking for Florida State Parks. Well found the Sebastien State park, but also what I found out you have to pay just to ride around these parks. Something I am not use to, in PA we have free state parks, only have to pay if you want to go into the camp grounds. I didn't want to pay $4 just to spend a couple hrs looking so we did not go in the park. On down the road we went across the inter coastal water way back to the main land and found this little park at the end of the cause way. Most cause ways here have these little parks. Did not see any manatees here.
There is a geo cache down this way, but just as we started to look for it a muggle fisherman pulled in and that was that.
We pulled down to the other end of the park and had our lunch under these palm trees. Watched all the interesting things on and around the water. Nice! I am in Florida what can I say :):):) If you click on the pic to enlarge it , I think you can see little Maggies cute little head in the window. Oops she is hiding, but I found out you have to right click on the pic and then click open and it will make it bigger.
Next up on another day we went geocaching. This is on the grounds of a local hospital. Nice to come out here and eat your lunch while working here. Or just on a break.

Here is the cache...see it? Has a magnet on it and stuck to the side of this box. My health issues are much on the mend and I am feeling really good. I think I have been feeling bad since last summer and didn't really know what it was. I know one thing I will be eating a much better diet from now on. I really feel like doing things again! We have found more geocaches but I will save them for other posts so its not so long between posts! I will be leaving here the first week in June to see my peeps in PA and go to my grandsons wedding in Pittsburgh that should be fun!! I plan on doing a lot more sight seeing and traveling here in Florida and more. I will be buying Maggie a stroller this month so she can go places and give me more freedom. Having Maggie is like having a 2 year old child to care for. But what would I do with out her!!!!!!???? Anyone out there know where to get one at a good price? Today I am going to be working on a paper bag mini album for my granddaughter to be. It is for her bridal shower. If you want to know more about it go here and check it out. My other blog. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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