Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well I guess most people go on lunch or dinner time picnic's but Grammy N Maggie go on breakfast picnic's ! These two pic's are from today and yesterdays breakfast view.

In the back ground where are the fog is located is the Shenango River. We are again at the Riverside Park here in town. I love coming at this time of day as there are not many peeps around only a few walkers.  It has really been foggy the last few mornings as you can see. This is the next best thing I can do, not being able to go camping at this time.

Yesterday I was to meet the auction man at my brothers and show him around so he could take pic's for advertising and give him the keys so they can start organizing for the auction. So while I waited I gave MzSavana a bath.(and Maggie girl got one too) Bigger job washing a van, than the Toyota truck. My neighbor gave me something to use that will not take off the wax when washing. She shined up real nice!
Today I got the Dry Lock painted on the basement walls. I used 2 gal. it was just enough as I did not have to paint all the wall area. Swept the floor and now ready to put on a coat of paint. I did half of the floor last year. Got the garage cleaned out also. That took me about 3 days. So all in all I got all the things but one done that was on my list for this summer here in PA.
I know that I was to show you pic's of  my son building the bed in the van, but I forgot to download the pic's from my camera and now I have missed placed it. But not to worry it will show up. Dad has been going down to my sisters to watch TV every afternoon, the I go down and we all eat dinner together. Its a nice time. Well I am done working for today. I will close now, thanks for looking and come back soon

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  1. I've had to do some catch up with my blog reading. Are you selling your house? I know you're heading back to Florida soon with your Dad. Is that permanent?