Monday, September 10, 2012


Well we made it to Florida. Left on wed morning after having breakfast with my sister. She made it for us. Then we got to VA about 3 pm to visit with my daughter. Went to dinner with daughter, grandson and his wife. Dad got a room at the red roof inn, and Maggie and I a good sleep in the van. Morning son in law took a half day off to see us off (he had to work late on wed) so him, daughter, dad and me went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then before we left, had to check on getting a pair of shoes. No luck. Then a stop at WM to get a battery operated fan. It was really hot in the van last nite. This pic is of Maggie last week before we left. She had some real bad hot spots that she would not leave alone so I went to pet smart and got one of these E collars. She hated it but got use to it. Looks like she is giving me the harry eye lol.

All packed and ready to go including Maggie Girl.
We traveled to Richburgh SC. on Thursday, 7 hrs. Lots of miles. Dad stayed at a very nice Motel 6 and Maggie & me stayed in the parking lot. Sleeping in the van again. Good thing I bought that fan because the further south we go the hotter it gets. The fan worked out very well, but I can see I will need to get rechargeable batteries and a charger. I takes 8 D batteries, and only will last 24 hrs. For now it will be a must have, camping in these southern states.


My basil plant this year. I wanted to use some of it before we left ......

So I made this. Basil Mayo, mmmmmm good on a BLT or just a tomato sammy. Friday morning we left early about 6:30 am. Drove all day and made it to Melbourne about 5 pm. Let me tell you that was a lot of miles in two days. I will never do that again. My left leg and foot was numb all nite and the next day. In GA on Friday afternoon we ran into a swarm of love bugs, lasted way in to FL. You should have seen poor MzSavana. I had to give her a bath on sat. I have read on some RV blogs that they will take the paint right off when the get mashed into your vehicle. Dad is pulling weeds and getting ready to plant his tomato garden already, He sure made a transformation after getting home. For the good.
Got the van all unpacked and ready to set up my craft/art room. It will be in the Florida room again. I wish I had room inside the house for it, but to to be. It is very hot and muggy here, and rainy. Storms going thur all the time, one right now. Went to the post office a little while ago and the love bugs are in Florida big time :(
Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soonThanks to all the kind words expressed with the lose of my brother in July. I just don't have the words to say anything, it is still so hard for me.

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