Friday, September 21, 2012


Yesterday on our breakfast picnic , we saw this interesting van. It said severe weather on the side, with Chanel 13 news. Well I looked out over the water where the camera was pointing seen no bad weather.......

So I just had to find out what was going on , what they were looking for.....I walked around the van and found this nice young man! John ! Ask what he was looking for, he said nothing, that they did early news looking at the sun rise. I talked to him for a bit, then wished him a good day and went back to my business. That encounter made for a very nice start to my day. HI JOHN...if you checked out my blog. :) 

Late I had to some other banking business (Maggie had to stay at home) so I zipped by the beach.

It did not look like high waves but the noise was high! Tide looked high and I did not see any shells. I just wish it was not so hot. I would spend more time at the beach and outside.

This is a geocache I found awhile back here in Melbourne. It is called a bison tube and you unscrew it, pull out the log and sign it. Easy find. I can't remember the last time I went caching way before summer. I am still working on the craft room. I want to do some camping but still to hot. I cant run my van day and night with the A/C running so I will have to wait for cooler weather. There is not much going on here right now, if something exciting should come up I will up date this post.
thanks for looking and come back soon

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