Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A DAY.....

Sad day today. So had to go banking then desided to take a side trip to the beach. Had lunch and took a walk.

Had fun watching this little guy digging for some kind of goodies each time the waves receded. Then run as fast as his little legs would go to get away from the waves as they came back in.

Breakfast picnic at Ballard Park.

Maggie wondering around, on leash. Not doing much last couple days. My brothers estate auction was yesterday, made me sad.
Trying to take a pic of that little bird guy ...made me think again that I want a new camara. I think I want a Canon Rebel T3...but do I need to take a photo class to learn how to use it.???  Because this is one subject I know nothing about. What to do?? There is a group on line that I joined this week. In preperation for traveling. Besides I need some friends here in FL.
A real friendly group. The are having a GTG in Jan just north of Tampa. Hillsborough River State Park. This sounds like so much fun. But I think I might need a test camping trip to make sure of what I am doing and what I will need to take. I need to make reservations soon if I am going to do this. Not much else going thats it for today...thanks for looking and come back soon.

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