Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We continue on with our picnic breakfast here in Florida. This is at our local park. Ballard Park. This was our view this morning. If you click on the pic you can see the larger view, and behind the house on the left (yellow in color) dad's house is right behind it. Dad use to have that view before they built about 6 houses along that strip of land.

Though I would throw this pic of Maggie Girl in today. While I was home in PA I was looking on my old desk top puter trying to figure out how to get the pic's I  have on there on to my new laptop. LOL look at those ears she was only 8 weeks on in this pic, I had just got back from meeting my dd to pick her up. They got her for me and had to keep her a couple weeks before we could get together. What a sweetie she was (and is). She had finally grew into her ears. !!! Don't mind the pic as I took it while looking on the old puter. I had her on the bed... had to keep pillows around her she was bouncing all over the place. Look at that paw up begging ....what a sweet little girl.
I am working on getting things organized. Also yesterday I scrubbed all the out side lawn chairs, they had mold and mildew all over yuck...what a mess. Used that Clorox spray and wow new chairs. Trying to get my art/craft room fixed up. That will take several days,,,maybe weeks. Maggie and I took a day trip to Vero Beach the other day.No pic's this time, did go to a couple stores and had lunch in parking lot. I don't have my mojo back yet, but will sometime soon I am sure. Will take time is all.
Tried to see the shuttle Endeavor fly by this morning, but was to cloudy I heard the big jet carrying it but could not see it. So will watch it on the news at noon.
Maggie grew in to her ears! And turned out to be a beautiful show dog that she was born to be.
But her pink nose kept her out of the ring! She still has some pink above her nose that turns blood red when she gets excited.
I need to post more often or start writing things down because I have forgot alot that I have been doing (lol guess it must have been exciting) Oh well I will try and do better.
All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

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