Friday, February 1, 2013


IMG_0212Kayaking with the gators and I am not talking about the football team!! So on Tues. I went on my first kayak trip. Liz(one of the Women RV girls) is a pro at this and she took me out and showed me the ropes… (or should I say the paddles) and the alligators!! I am using Tina’s(another RV girl) Sea Eagle Kayak. It is the small size and can seat two people. I love, love, kayaking but this one was a little large and hard and trying for me to handle. This is a pic of me on the Hillsborough River. Look at that still water…click on the pic to enlarge.
IMG_0218We had not gone very far and this slid into the water about 50ft in front of us!!!! Let me tell you I was scared, but held my own! Winking smileHa….Liz was cool as a cucumber ….we will just wait for a while until he gets across…all the while snapping pic’s like this is an every day happening!! YIKES! So he finally got to the sun on the other side of the river and we past by…with me watching over my shoulder the whole time….I did not take a camera because I know it would have ended up in the river. Liz took all the pic’s. This is such a fun and relaxing (with out the gators that is) I could not believe I was acutely doing it. I have wanted to for soooo long! And I love it…I see a kayak in my future.  I have more to post on my second day out on the river..but we just got home a little while ago and I am tired. I have more to share about the camping trip also. So that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. You've been coached by the best when you went out with Liz and.....Liz is from Florida so alligators in the water are every day happenings for her. lol

  2. Colleen, yes Liz is the best! I am not sure I could get use to the gators!!

  3. I would love to try kayaking. That's my next challenge.