Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I did not take pic’s of the rig getting new water pump so I will show you these pic’s of our first camp site.
Well it started of on Monday morning waiting for the water pump to be put in. We went and did a little shopping and stopped for some refreshments! Then went to check on rig…as we seen them taking it out for a test drive. The wanted to keep it for about 45 more min. to make sure everything was ok. So about noon they called said it was ready….so took us then about and hr. to get on the road. That is when the fun and excitement started. We started of using AAA Trip Tix,,, it had us going on I-4 with some road construction. So we turned on GPS and went with that it took us a different way. HAHA.. that ended up taking use to a gated community….stopped at a golf course to ask couple guys where Hillsborough State Park was….their reply was….never heard of it. Whoa….that didn’t sound good…well they helped us…and we found we were about 18 miles away…got there ..wrong gate….was getting dark when we finally arrived….a couple RV Women…Tina and Margie were waiting to help use get backed in….whew…we made it. Thanks so much girls….
2013-01-29_14-32-46_807This site was great…it had a fence behind us with a walking trail…and a little bridge, was flat and level , fire pit and picnic table.2013-01-28_11-03-09_272  Of course can’t have a post with out some food. While killing time waiting on pump, we stopped here for a snack. Winking smile I am having a great time I will post more later….thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings G&M


  1. Glad you made it. You just lost your newbie status. Congratulations.

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