Monday, January 7, 2013


010513121746We spent a beautiful day at the beach the other day. The waves were looking good, but not many out in them I think it water is a little cold right now.

2013-01-05_14-10-21_445We were at the dog beach, lot of dogs this day,so had to keep Maggie away from them. She does not do well with strange big dogs, ever since a black lab got her by the throat a couple years ago. Here she is taking in the rays & waves, lol. I need to get a child’s chair for her. You can see she took over mine. 

2013-01-05_12-51-45_390Here she is laying beside me taking a nap. Forgot her rug to lay on.

2013-01-05_11-43-01_686So I am really trying to eat healthier. It is a hard go for me..I was doing so good all spring and 1/2 the summer. I was almost totally of sugar, pasta, white breads, etc. Now it seems doubly hard to get back on track. This was my lunch grapes, left over chicken (from noodle soup) lettuce and dad’s home grown tomatoes. Did not fair so well for dinner. But I keep trying. Yesterday stayed at dads and did house chores laundry and such. Today went to Wickham Park and had a very nice  visit with MissMermaid  and Harley dog of Dear Miss Mermaid blog. I will post about it tomorrow.  That’s all…thanks for looking and come back soon.

blessings G&M

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