Wednesday, January 16, 2013


2013-01-11_18-19-38_226LONG POST: A close up of my patio area at our shake down camping experience. I really  need to get a patio rug and more lights. The small table on the right is one of those, that the table top rolls up and the bottom squeezes up like those chairs in a bag. Then the whole thing fits in a bag. Yard sale $5 like new.

2013-01-12_08-57-27_913A little house  keeping pic….this is the kitchen area. Much improvement is needed to make it my home on wheels.

2013-01-12_18-22-50_766And you can’t have a camping blog with out some food. This is my first attempt at making green fried tomatoes. Made in my new little camping electric skillet. Cooked out side.

2013-01-16_10-13-31_125And here is poor little Maggie at the vets. She picked up an eye infection some where along the line, hope it is not at our camp site , as I  reserved it again for Feb. Late yesterday afternoon she woke up from a nap and her eyes were matted shut. Had to put warm compresses on them so she could open and see. Again in the middle of the night and this morning. So off to the vet we went. Click on pic to enlarge and see her blood red eyes and its not from the camera. On meds now.

Sat. up early and did our walk. We walk around the two loops of the campground and a little ways into the main park. Had breakfast, shower, now about the shower, yesterday was cold …well let me tell ya it was “HOT” Sat.…I turned on the hot water heater while I had breakfast. I guess I did not know which way the faucets turned (thought I did) scalding water came rushing out…fumbling around with faucets trying to open door to get out …what a time I was having…..I have a little red chest! After that fiasco, did some house keeping, and now ready for what ever the day brings. House keeping in rig is nothing like house keeping a double story 3 bedroom house in PA! I like this much better!! MM ask me to dinner to celebrate my first camp. So we had dinner by electric candle light and the white lights she had up around her patio and umbrella. She made a delish gumbo, friend made wonderful salad, and I made green fired tomatoes.First time they said they were good, (ate them all) I thought they were bland. I made some stuffed dates and we had some wine …and a great evening ! So that’s all for now thanks for looking and come back soon




  1. I've been wondering a while now...are you full time RVing? I see the nice house in your photo.My husband and I have been considering full time RVing.

    1. Denise, the house is my dads, I am staying with him he is 88 and needs someone around. I have house in PA to sell also before going fulltime.
      thanks for commenting.

  2. Oh My! I'd darn near drive all the way from Texas to Florida just for those fried green tomatoes! They look SO good!

    1. lol...the tomatoes are from my dad's garden...
      the red ones are good too
      thanks for your comment.

  3. So sorry to hear about Maggie's eyes. Hope they get better soon.