Monday, January 21, 2013


Work day today getting read for the GTG.….stared with vacuuming and cleaning the rig…got that done cleaned and organized the big bay in back. Took out the cooler I got last summer when I had the van. Works plugged in to the cig lighter or elec.Guess I don’t need it now that I have a fridge. Decided that I would put a few drops of distilled water in my batteries. They were down some form the first time I looked in them. And they nag me all the time. Thought I would bite the bullet and get it done. Well all well and good until, I dropped the lid of the engine batter down in the depths of the compartment. UGH, UGH….UGHLY….words flew about. Everything is tightly compacted in there, could not get my arm and hand down to get it…I see it but that’s it. Got a long stick with a ball of tape on the end of it…tried that for about 30 min. Dad came out said why don’t you try putting some of this Goop on it and see if you can get it. Well when all said and done about 30 min later I snatched it out with the Goop covered stick. Dad then took the lid and cleaned it up for me. Sorry but I did not get any pic’s of this incident. But got some of the clean organized bay and other areas of a sparkling clean rig,.
005Clean bay.
Found my camera that was lost for about a month.
003More clean things.Passenger seat area. This rig is now 6 years old and I can not believe how clean and new it looks inside.
009When I traded in the van I kept the matts that I had just bought….I put those small ones that is usually for the back seat floor, on the steps of the rig. It sure is helping keep the sand at bay.
One week from today I should be at Hillsborough  St. Park. !!! SmileSmileSmile