Tuesday, January 15, 2013


2013-01-08_09-32-30_540Here is the ranger station at the Wickham Park campground. It in the area of the main park as you come in the main gate. Very helpful and nice rangers. They take care of the main park as well as the campground.
2013-01-11_18-06-43_179Here is a pic of MySweetDream with her new flamingo and palm tree lights hanging. Looking around at other campers I see that more outside decorating is needed.
010713081437When I was packing up getting ready to leave, dad came around with this battery Coleman Lateran. Ask if I wanted it he said someone gave it to him and he never used it. So I said yes I’ll take it! Good for outside or boon docking.
Slept pretty good  …got up early, normal time went for our walk…fix breakfast, got shower. Now about the shower…it was a cold one…we did not get the propane done the first day.Oh also got the TV on. Found the booster switch after much hunting, under a cabinet by the outside door.Not at all near the TV. So turned on the TV ..finally got it figured out..then later turned it on …nothing.. the remote would not work…so later went over to MM site to see if she had some batteries so I could check see if that was the problem. Was not. So I kept switching the batteries out…and all of a sudden it started to work…has been ok since.I got great reception with just my antenna. Visited back and forth with MM, took a couple walks, put up my cool flamingo and palm tree lights. Then later MM came over and we turned on the propane we lit the stove, and turned on hot water heater. Everything works good. Fixed dinner a couple sliders cooked with my new mini elec. frying pan (yard sale $5 was new) and a salad. Did dishes with my nice hot water! Was excited when it got dark so I could turn on my lights! Looking good! I guess that will be enough for today so thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M
ps don’t forget to right click to open pic to see larger size.


  1. Have you found any geocaches there? I always check those out first thing.... gotta find those caches!

  2. Reading your post reminded me of some of my first camping trips. Learning the ways of RVing is exciting but stressful. However, in time you'll be a pro.

    Enjoy your trip.