Thursday, January 17, 2013


011313165025Well here I am on the last morning of my shake down camping trip. Learning how to do the dump! My trusty blue gloves on I am ready to pull the leaver. I did learn that you keep the tanks closed while camping until they fill, up then you empty them. I have been worrying an wondering where I was going to store the hose after done. Then MM said don’t you have an out side compartment for that?? I said don’t think so ….she said what is that under the slide out? I looked and low and behold there was a small compartment just the right size….lol…guess that is where it will now live. The dumping went on with out a hitch.
2013-01-12_08-55-23_851Some inside living over the weekend. Piece of vintage material with palm trees on it…using it for a table cloth.
2013-01-11_13-59-20_105Now you are asking what is that ladder doing under my window??? Well this is one of my stupid things of the weekend. I locked my keys in MySweetDream. Went over to tell MM about my dilemma …she ask if my window was open…it was …so she said slide your screen back and see if you can see where they are and if you can get them. Dummy me did not know that the screen slid back! Got MM ladder and a grabber and grabbed them up. And embarrassment and $$ were saved !
2013-01-12_13-30-38_278Late Sat. afternoon one of the big boys showed up. Now  my RV looks really big when parked dads drive way, but next to these biggies…its really little. Bob & BJ full time in this beautiful RV. Talked to them a couple times but didn’t get to know them as I left the next day. BJ did a great job giving Bob help backing in. Slick as whistle.

Well that’s all I have now about my shake down camp. I had a great time and can’t wait for the next time. Going to the park after this is just not cutting it. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon
Blessing G&M


  1. Glad the dumping went well, but just be aware that at some point you will have a disgusting story to tell about that chore. It happens to all of us. :)