Tuesday, January 1, 2013


123112123432Happy New Year,,.hope you had a good time last night! I was watching the TV parties. I did not watch any balls, oranges, or beach balls drop. Fell asleep. This is going to be a better year! Being positive this year! The above pic is what I bought at Home Depot yesterday. I wanted to get a small heater for those cool nights we might have at the end of Jan.at the GTG. I don’t want to use the furnace in the rig …to much propane and I can use this heater other places. So I hope it does the job. Then I got these two tool bags a large one and a small one. Two for $14 I thought it was a good deal.
2012-12-31_12-38-01_473Put the small type tools in the smaller of the two, screw drivers, pliers, hammer etc., etc., All fit nicely so far. Might have to add some things as I go along.Even got staple gun, and duct tape in there.
2012-12-31_12-37-45_891Put my new drill/screw driver and charger in the other one. A couple sets of drill bits and screw driver bits. These two bags  will fit nicely in the bay area. I only have one storage bay, a big one in back the width of the rig.
2012-12-26_15-22-31_19Maggie found a nice cozy spot when we were traveling to Sanibel the other day. I was buckled in the other side of the table. It is just a lap seat belt …… Today I was packing up a few things in the rig. I am finding out there is not enough storage space. Sad smile
Not sure what I will figure out about this. Maybe get some ideas from some others. Want to do some more packing and organizing today. MY dd said that I should have some stuff in there so that anytime I wanted to make a trip I would not have to pack. Have everything ready to go. So I put bathroom things in there today. Towels, wash clothes, extra tooth brush/paste etc., etc.  Well that’s it for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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