Sunday, December 30, 2012


122712111603Seen this fellow while at Sanibel, not far from the lighthouse. I did take pic’s of the lighthouse or so I thought, but when I went to look for them on my phone to post…no lighthouse pic. I don’t know what kind of turtle this is but he was fairly large. He was eating like crazy not even paying attention to everyone that was looking at him and taking pic’s.

2012-12-26_16-11-07_29On the way home we stopped at this citrus tourist trap. It had lot of nice things to buy for a nice price! Also giving away free citrus drinks. I didn’t buy anything.

2012-12-26_16-11-36_7They also had a window where you could look and see how they squeezed and bottled the juice. And of course you could buy the bottles.

Today is a little on the cold side, was 39 when we went for our walk this morning. Might get up to 64 with some sun….not as cold as in PA though. I see they are getting more snow today. I have gained 6lbs so no more of this wild eating anything and everything. Going back on my better eating habits that I had before summer happened. Going to Home Depot to look for a small ceramic heater for rig. Might need it in a few weeks at the GTG. I don’t want to use my propane, save some money and I will have electric at campground so will use that. I will be gathering up and loading up in the next couple weeks. Soon as I figure out what I need to take. Thanks Coleen for your good advice on what I need and good idea doing a boondock one night to check things out. Like go to a WM over night. I think I will try this.

all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings G&M

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