Saturday, December 15, 2012


009We went to the beach the other day…every time I go it is a different looking beach and ocean….same place but looks so different. Many clouds around that day …but that just made it even more beautiful….Low tide this day.
006And look at these huge rocks…you see these at low tide now…before hurricane Sandy you did not see these….even at low tide. Please right click on this pic and take a look at all the things that have attached them selves to the rock….amazing!
010This pic was looking down the beach toward the sun…that was hiding behind the clouds. I had on sun glasses that have a sepia tone to them and when I looked this way it was a lovely scene with a different glow…so hummmm I think wonder what it would look like if I took a pic thru my sunglasses….well I did it but it did not turn out…not at all what I saw thru them. So this is pic with just camera no filters.
003And little Maggie Moo’s still does not like the water…I was trying to get her close up to the water to take her pic…but no dice she was not going that way … lol…
008Then against the dunes we saw this little cubby hole. Not sure what it is but someone dug it out….is big enough for some one to get into it even lie down. Then they also put some sea grape leaves at each side and shells all around to decorate it all up. Could be a homeless persons “home” or some kid did it…. They don’t want you going on the dunes here at the beach so I wonder if someone would get in trouble for doing this. Right click on the pic’s get a better look ….
I have to end this with a moment of prayer for those in Newtown CT. There are no words to express the greif that these parents and family members must be going thru. They all need our prayers at this time….
Thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. I think your little dog is so cute. I got my doggie to go into the water by me going in first. Of course she wanted to follow and the rest is history. She love the beach and the water. She's a great traveling dog.

  2. thanks she thinks she's cute
    I did try walking in the water...but it
    still was a no go for her...she has a mind
    of her own..and most often no changeing int