Thursday, December 27, 2012


122712111349The beach was really crowded later in the day. We got there about 10 am and was a few people around but as the day wore on got congested.
2012-12-26_14-04-46_318The Gulf of Mexico. The water was warmer and the and sand was white. On Atlantic side seems like sand is tan in color…
2012-12-26_14-25-34_979The fur babies that went along with us. Maggie you know, other little sweetie is DD fur baby. A long hair chiwawa by the name of Joey. He is such a mama’s baby. A rescue dog that was abused. He sticks to her like glue.
photoAnd here is Grammy with Joey and Maggie enjoying the beach, while family looked for shells.

All these pic’s were taken with my phone, so right click the open to see things a little better.
We went on our over nighter to Sanibel ...but turned out not to over night. My DD was very disappointed in Sanibel and the shells ...we were there for the tide changes spent the whole day at beach and still there were only tiny to small shells, mostly white...not the pretty colored ones she has heard about. Was very much a tourist town, bumper to bumper traffic, no place to park. just was not her cup of tea... so we came back to dads. It was a 4 hr drive one way and a few bucks in gas..I would have like to stayed over...(my first)...but guess the Jan GTG will be saved for that first trip over night....they are leaving to head back to VA sometime this was a great visit glad for family to come and back to the same old same like my family in northwest PA is snowed in. Not sure what I will do today, might go out and see what is on sale after Christmas…and I am going to start packing MySweetDream for my GTG at the end of Jan. So I guess that will keep me busy. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

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