Saturday, December 22, 2012


2012-12-22_13-26-35_335Made a hot chocolate bar for Christmas and company coming. I did not decorate for Christmas. Except a small tree so thought I would decorate with this. I seen this on a blog then went to Google searched it...looking for more ideas  I click on the image button. This is on top of the micro wave convenient for zapping up some hot chocolate.
2012-12-22_13-26-47_437I used this vintage fire king tea pot for the mellows. Peppermint! I used to sell thesepots on EBay and got some big bucks for them. Have a vintage metal 1/4 cup measuring for a scoop.
2012-12-22_13-26-55_96For the hot chocolate I am using these nice heavy cups that you use to see in a dinner back in the day vintage fire king.  Love these things got them at a yard sale last year for 50 cents each. I have four but one I left in PA. When I was down sizing I got rid of most all my vintage. But have found a few things at yard sales that I like. I use all my vintage. So its not like I am collecting. :)
2012-12-22_13-27-10_327Here is some extra chocolate to add. Milk chocolate chips, in a vintage fountain glass. I have a few of these sometimes I make pudding and use these. Ice cream sunday’s too. I also have some chocolate biscotti from WM for dipping ...MmmMmmm good.

Well going on an over nighter on Wed. DD , SIL , fur babies,(she has a dog )and me  are all going to Sanibel Island on the Gulf coast. This will be my first time staying in MySweetDream! Even if it most likely be in a WM parking lot. I am thinking it might be a little chilly so better take extra bedding. My dd wants to go over there to do some shelling. Suppose to be good on the gulf coast to get some good shells. Thats it for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings G&M

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