Wednesday, December 5, 2012


003We went to the mall of black friday. This is only the second time that I can remember of going out shopping on BF. I went only because I am really bored.
006Seen this cool VW mini bus …I forget what they were selling. But really liked the bus.
007Also seen this cow taking a ride around the mall on this mini train. Cow looked bored too. We  spent a lot of time sitting in the middle of the mall just people watching. Maggie was riding around in her little pink buggy. (no pic)
001Went to the food court and got my fav fast food…took it back to the rig to eat in peace. I love Chick…
I am so far behind in posting and what ever…that I will never get caught up. After this outing I got sick and have not done anything since. I did take the rig back to LaMesa RV and they caulked and  sealed up the whole roof. That’s a good thing. I also used the jenny and the A/C so those two things are checked of my list. Now to use the propane and stove, have used the micro wave while doing the jenny. Also will have to do the water and tank things….that might wait till Jan, when I go on the  GTG..I will need support…and I have questions. I have to finish the Christmas gifts and stocking yet. My blog is still boring with me doing nothing…I feel like I need to get out of here and get busy living….but for some reason my butt just sits here….what is wrong with me!!!!!!!!! Anyone else out there have this not moving , frozen in place problem when taking up the RV mod?
Early this morning I went out and washed the cab part of the rig…I need ladder and long pole to do the rest…I used some car wash I found at my brothers, it is wash and wax all in one…anyone ever use this and how did it work.???
all for now thanks for looking and come back soon
blessings G&M

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  1. I've started using 'The Solution' on the rig. It does a pretty nice job.

    I can't get very motivated on my days off either. I just sit here on the computer. :( I hope my energy will get better after I get that new hip...