Thursday, December 20, 2012


009This was were we parked yesterday. Backed in first time again, now I am not just backing straight in, I pull up and have to turn to back in, line up where to put the back end ….etc etc. For me this is a biggie.
010There are about 8 – 10  of these little pavilions scattered thru out the park. Along with sever larger ones for a bunch of people having a GTG.
011Couple more pavilions. The have picnic table, a grill for charcoal or wood, on a covered cement pad.  All of them face the water at some point along the park.
013Some wild life I seen that day and every day ! Squirrels are too many to ever count. The drive Maggie and every other dog that comes here nuts! Most everyone in the neighbor hood walks their dogs here.
018Here is a baby blue heron (I think) there are a couple of them here this year. He is not like the big ones that will let you get real close before they take of squawking. 
Yesterday I stopped at a local garage that works on RV’s and ask if they would check the air in my tire. I keep reading check tires, check tires, it was making me so nervous that I had to find some one. The did and tires were right where they were suppose to be. The tires were made in 2011 so almost new. He ask me if I had any other questions and said lets check the oil. Oil was fine and looked like new. So guess the dealer did change it. Then the other thing that has been bugging and nagging me was those darn batteries. So he check the one under the hood and showed me where the water level was suppose to be. This has been playing on my mind for 2 months now, such a relief. now I know how and what to do. Very nice guy. I dealt  with then before, this is where my truck was towed last summer after the accident. So now I have a local garage to work with. Guess this is enough for today thanks for looking and come back soon

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