Thursday, December 13, 2012


006Well after pricing numerous washing and waxing businesses, I figured that this is a job I needed to do. I think if I could find an individual that did this type of thing I would be better off and would be much cheaper. I see peeps on the blogs and forums that have found such people and they do not pay the prices I was quoted.
002So off to Home Depot I went (checked WM before nothing there). At HD they have very few RV related items. (also went looking for a couple other things). But I did find this (above pic). A long  telescoping pole, and a soft fiber brush. Sold separated. Also got a squeegee that goes on the end of the pole.  Much easier to reach the windows. For some reason rig windows get dirtier faster than the truck or van. I was not feeling well when I took on this endeavor so it took me awhile. Over about 4 days, early in the morning before breakfast is when I did this. I did it sections by section. I used some wash/wax stuff, not sure I  like it but will do for now. I think when it is gone I will buy The Solution and try that. Seems that is what a lot of RV’ers use. But when it was all said and done it looked pretty good.
004THEN….. lol…. while at WM the other day….I found these tacky flamingo and palm tree lights….I love this stuff…esp. flamingo's. I can’t wait to go camping so I can use them. I have finally started to feel better, flu is going away. The weather has been something else this last week, bad storms and rain and hot. Now today it is gray, rainy , and very cool. Got Christmas gifts and things sent, now have to figure out what's for Christmas dinner. DD and hubby are coming for a few days, and what ever I cook up we will be eating for a few days. Not wanting to spend a lot of time cooking, want to visit and have some fun. I have not been having much fun so far this year. I need to get out of this funky mood and start living…. for some reason I don’t feel like I am living ..just existing from one day to the next….like I am still in limbo….I hate this and really don’t know what to do about it…..praying that time will tell.A couple of forum buddies are meeting up at Disney tomorrow one of the girls is camped out there. They are meeting at the camp ground not inside Disney.  I sure would have liked to have went also, but seems like $$ is not letting me go at this time. Oh well.  All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

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