Sunday, December 16, 2012


121512153609Well two days in a row I was able to back MySweetDream into this parking place at the home park. SmileRight click to enlarge so you can see better. I got there early both days but as you can see the lot was filling up fast with trucks and boat trailers. There were a few fishermen around but I thought hey ….it needs to be done and if they want to  watch who cares….Now I have been practicing a little in dad’s drive way…but remember he has a about 20 ‘ X 40’ drive….maybe a little bigger and there is nothing in it so really that should be easy….lol….I did pretty good at it. But let me tell ya I really did good with this…backing up between the trailer and grass….pulled up looked out all windows…and backed right in…first try…Yaaay ….. happy camper here…Making progress with the rig.
001I have not done any decorating at all…I guess since I am not living in it ….makes a difference. I was looking at gypsy BOHOs blog and her whimsy way of decorating her rig…. and guess it got me in the mood to do something….so since it is Christmas time and I had a couple things that I would start with that. I think for over all decorating to make it homey I would like to do beach and some vintage. Mix it all up. With some whimsy in there also. Light’in things up…make it fun….The whimsy here is some red and white polk a dot poinsettias and that vintage elf…
2012-12-16_11-36-24_419While we were  parked doing our thing….I opened the door to go out and almost got knocked over by this guy flying up on our roof. Squawking and carrying on like a banshee. There were two of them and they chased each other all over the park. Some body must have been encroaching on the others territory. One of them looked a little ragged like missing feathers on his body.
2012-12-16_09-35-49_212And here is my sweet little Maggie girl….watching and supervising everything going on. Started to rain so went to WM then back to dad’s. Doing some laundry and going to watch the Steelers win today. And that’s my day. Thanks for looking and come back soon.


  1. You have to start with the little things. You'll get there.

  2. Thanks...I am sure I will "someday" lol