Saturday, December 29, 2012


2012-12-29_11-59-47_363Went shopping today and found a few light weight things for the rig. Some Florida/beachy things. Got this flamingo tray. It is plastic so it will not add much weight. Not that I have anything in it yet to make it over wt. lol 
2012-12-29_11-59-59_883Got 4 flamingo plates, and a couple red divided plates and a deviled egg plate. Everything I got is plastic. Went to the Old Time Pottery for all these goodies.
2012-12-29_12-00-13_312And got a couple of these drinking glasses…they are not plastic.  It’s a start. I need to figure out what I will need for my camping GTG trip. If anyone wants to leave a comment and tell me a few things that I need to pack …all are welcome. Can’t wait for this trip….I guess you could call it my shake down trip also…cause I have not made it out over night yet. After shopping went to the park looked around and took Maggie for a walk then it started to pour down rain on use so we came back to dads. Making tuna noodle casserole now and guess I will watch football game later. So all for now thanks for looking and come back soon


  1. I think you have made a good start. You will need some silverware either plastic or metal. First of all, start by thinking what you would need to fix simple meals anywhere not just in your RV. It is no different. You'll need a couple of knives, can opener, coffee pot if you drink coffee, pots and pans, paper towels, aluminum foil, etc. Some containers to serve food and store left overs. Zip lock bags work well for storing left overs too.

    You will probably need to have some food for meals on your own. Unless there is some sort of agenda, you'll just have to guess on how many potlucks there will be. Plan some simple dishes you can make to bring to the group. Some RVers are fantastic cooks and others just so so. Don't stress over it. Just fix something that will be enough to give a group of people a spoonful or so each. The idea is to have fun and enjoy each others company. Deviled eggs are always popular. How about a pot of chili?

    I recommend you overnight in your RV soon. Go to Walmart if you have to or even boondock in your driveway. Fix yourself dinner and breakfast. What were you missing when you fixed it?

  2. Thanks Coleen so much for your input....
    you have been most helpful

  3. Ran across this blog post today and thought of you.

    Look at the checklists at the bottom of the article. Now, you will definitely NOT NEED everything on these checklists. I don't carry a lot of this stuff. But they are helpful for you to use as a "yes" or "no" list. Some of the items would definitely be for full-timers with lots of space. Checklists are definitely helpful though. Use these and tailor them to your needs. Also good to have a checklist for set up and take down TAILORED to your rig. This will give you something worthwhile to work on and think about until you get ready to leave for the GTG.