Wednesday, October 3, 2012


004Well here are a few pic using live writer so not sure where this will end up. What I did the other day was put a skirt around the bed.Got my staple gun out and material I already had.002You can see Maggie’s buggy in this one and on the left is a tote with stuff in it that I will be using while camping. And also use it for a table inside. Have a round fold up table for outside.001View from the back. There is quite a bit of storage room  under the bed. I sit in there sometimes and study on how or what I should put in there for extended camping and traveling.
This morning we had our breakfast at Ballard Park, saw some dolphin swimming around. Man checking his crab traps, and a bunch of dogs being walked. Few guys putting in boats also.
Think today I will be working on the craft room. I really can’t do much work in there until I get it organized. Then I am going to get together some things to work on while I am traveling or camping. even maybe taking a day trip to a park. Just some things to do while out and about. I am an outside gal. and all this staying in the house is getting to me. I would just like to go to some of the wonderful parks here in Florida and just spend the day. To hot yet. Well that’s about it, thanks for looking and come back soon

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