Thursday, October 11, 2012


003I am beside my self…..itching to get my RV and do something with it. I got the call and my appointment was made for the 19th. This is the date I wanted. Glad it worked out. Finally some fall like weather here in central FL. This morning at about 6:45 it was 74, and when I walked out the door with Maggie the humidity did not hit me in the face and knock the breath out of me… There was a good breeze and when a dried out sea grape leave blew up along the curb, it sounded just like the fall leaves do blowing on the streets  up north. I loved it, I do miss the season changes. The pic above is as close to the things I love about fall. Maple leaves swag with their beautiful colors, some large orange mums all decorating Norma E. I found in my jewelry box at home the name pin Norma that belonged to my mother who Norma E is named after. Need to find me a letter E now. 005Since no RV playing today I decided to do some food stuff. I do like to cook and bake, so I made my version of fried rice with chicken. I used John Soules Food, chicken fajitas fully cooked frozen. Got them at Sam’s Club.You can use them in many ways one other way I use them. I make chicken tacos. They are well seasoned also. Rice, and frozen snap pea stir fry from WM, with a little soy sauce and sweet and sour sauce if you like that. I make enough to freeze a couple meals and have a couple when I make it. 
004Next I made a few choco chip cookies. Mmmmmm love cookies. Even tho I am trying to cut out most  sugar in my diet I made them anyway. I know I will always have some sugar I will not be a pig out on it like I used to. So that’s my food blog today. Maybe I will make food a part of my blog. Food and the RV cooking . Sounds good to me . lol 006
When I get on the road , I hope I will have more interesting things to blog about, and maybe get a few more readers. Looking at map of FL this am, and mapped out my route to the GTG in Jan at Hillsborough St. Park. Looks fairly easy from Melbourne, anyone over this way going and wants to caravan with me let me know. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.
Blessings , G&M