Thursday, October 4, 2012


2012-10-04_08-16-54_685Breakfast camp this morning at our park, heard a roar, knew it was not a jet from the airport, so looked up and saw this. The roar from these rockets give you the chills.  Did not see the rocket but saw this trail. Air Force sent a Delta 4 rocket up with a GPS satellite for the military.So the news said.  Here in Florida you never know what you might see or happen upon.
2012-10-04_10-09-15_948The we found this park. This weekend there is going to be a craft show in old historic Melbourne. And I want to go spend most of the day there. So we were looking for a nice place in the shade to park for the day. Found this close to the action, I have been here before (after a geocache) and for got all about it. Walked around today. This will be our parking place this weekend.2012-10-04_10-09-57_208Very small park with these fake Manatee playing in a fake pool. The park is right across the road from another park where in the winter you can come and see the Manatee keeping warm. I have not been here in the winter to check it out but will do this winter. That’s about all for today, next post I will show you the park where you can watch the Manatee. Thanks for looking and come back soon.
blessings G&M

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