Tuesday, January 5, 2010


RODDY BUSH This is the last snow pic I will post this winter...unless it is snowing in Florida!! This is a pic of a giant rhododendron bush in my yard, in the spring it is one huge pink ball. I will post a pic of it then. I will be leaving in the morning first stop VA at my DD home. I hope I can do a few caches along the way so I can add some more states to my map, I don't mind the cold to cache in but snow makes it hard to find them. If I can't get them now I will try on my way back in March. So stay tuned for the travel'in fun.
Happy Caching


  1. Glad that you are finally getting away on your vacation. Please stay safe and keep warm. Good luck with the caching too!! I hope you and Maggie really enjoy Florida, and have a nice warm winter there.