Saturday, January 23, 2010



WEATHER: 70 with slight breeze, mostly sunny few clouds.
Yesterday morning we had bad storms with tornado warnings and one touched down just north of us. Later in morning the sun came out and was beautiful again!
Maggie and I up early, went for our walk to Ballard Park, as you can see Maggie had a great time chasing squirrels, and try as she might could not catch those long legged birds. And she had a ball rolling around in the grass! I went out alone this afternoon just looking around to see if I could get lost. lol I didn't! Stopped at two yard sales got a set of 1950's measuring spoons I paint up to make Christmas ornaments. Had to ask how they advertised down here for the yard sales as I have not seen them in the local papers at all. Lady told me they all advertise them on Craig's List, they don't bother with the papers. So I guess that's what we will do. I also looked for three cache's and found one, called The Trashy Hide. I posted the pic's the white wall is hiding a trash bin. It was a small pill bottle with only a log. Since it is Sat. no mugglers at all. One of the other ones took me to a area with trees and brush just off the highway in town, but I didn't have my new walking stick I made to flush out any critters or gator's so I did not look for that one too hard.
Then I went looking for some shopping stops, plenty of them that's for sure , I stopped a place I had seen while driving with dad on one of his short cut trips to wall mart. Dad always takes short cuts I found out, and just makes me lost. Anyway stopped at a place called The Old Pottery, what a great store it has everything in it. I will be going back there. Went to Dollar Store and got some soap and a word find book and that was it. Had some fun and spent little.
Just took a break from here took Maggie for a walk before it gets dark I love to look at the houses down here they are so different than PA. Thats all for now
Happy Caching

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