Friday, January 8, 2010


Second post, forgot this, you see the state map on my side bar to the right, I found this on the net but lost the link to it and can not find it even with google search, (dont know what to call it) any whoo anyone that has a link to this type of map could you please post a link for me. thanks.

CACHING : Got to do some caching today even tho it was very cold with the wind blowing. Also woke up to an inch of snow! (no pic's) lol. First pic is a typical parking lot cache at the Pet Store, easy C&D not many mugglers out and about today. Second one I went looking for the Camping World store and could not find it....but did find the next cache you can eat and read all about it at Shoneys.
The third one (no pic's ) another parking lot C&D at Costco I tried this one yesterday afternoon with no luck, this store is a very busy one, so got it this AM when going to Dunkin Donuts to get coffee.
TRAVEL: On our way in the morning to Florida!! Weather should be good. Will take two days. I don't know when I will be posting hope the motel will have wifi, not sure as we have to go with who ever takes the puppy doggies. Just keep checking back.
Happy Caching

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