Thursday, January 7, 2010



MORE HANCOCK CACHE Wow what a difference a mountain makes, from home to the Allegheny mountain tunnel on the PA turnpike, the road was a mess, so bad I could not get a pic to show you. Snowy cloudy a mess, then went thru the tunnel and on the other side there were peaks of blue sky you can see in first pic and dry road, from there the rest of the way to dd home. So with good weather we stopped in Breezewood, for a break. Then on down the road to Hancock MD to our first out of state cache. This was a fairly easy cache you can see the pic's above I took a TB and left a TB. Nice cache lots of goodies. The red M&M is the travel bug. The only exciting thing about this cache was that a policeman sat in his car about 50 feet away and watched me the whole time. But didn't bother me. Took about 6 hrs to get to DD home about 45 min longer than usual.
It is very cold here but not snowing!!!! Our plan is to leave here on Sat. morning for Fl I will try and do a few caches today look for updates tomorrow. By the way sitting here in living room typing this with sunshine streaming thru the window...haven't seen that in long time...makes us happy!

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