Saturday, July 14, 2012


Wow could not believe my luck today at yard sales! Since I got my van I now have been looking and watching in ernest for any camping needs. And today was the day!. I got this Coleman powerchill cooler on my first stop. You can use it on 12 volt cigarette lighter while driving then plug in to electric when getting to camp ground. I have priced these at about 130 to 150,00 I paid 35.00 for it. The reviews are all excellent and think I got a great deal. It is just like new. lady told me they only used it 3 times and then no longer went camping. Any way I am a happy camper lol.

Look how clean and new it is. Even the box is new looking and undamaged.

And I have been looking for a camp chair that will fold  pretty flat and be sturdy at the same time. Low and behold on my second stop today I found this great like new folding canvas camp chair. Canvas is in great shape not torn or rotted. Just what I have been looking for. Then on my next stop I found a memory form matrice queen size. I know the people and it is nice and clean. (or I would not have bought it) I did not take a pic yet but will when I get ready to install my bed in The Savana. Things are looking up for the rv/camping travels.

And this is not a sight you see every day in town. At least not on my street, at wal mart and such places around here you do, in fact they have a horse barn at wall mart for parking horse and buggy. This was at 7am guess he is going to beat the rush at wal mart, I only live a mile away. He must be taking a short cut.
Working on house: got the blue bedroom done! Scrubbed, cleaned new curtains and painted woodwork. Looks good and makes me feel good that I got it done. Started on the small bedroom. I will post some pic's soon. All for now thanks for looking and come back soon.

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