Sunday, November 17, 2013


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mini GTG with Linda (linann) ..we did just an over night …I got a site and she just pulled her van in beside my rig…Most of the sites are very large and you can have two vehicles so we just shared a site…another nice thing about this campground is they don’t  mind if you come in to visit your camping friends….I can even take my rig there for a day visiting you just have to leave by 10pm…no problem for me I leave before dark..


Out to eat…

Sat night..Dustin’s BBQ..I have been wanting to go here for long time….


We both ended up getting the same thing Baby Back Ribs…cole slaw, corn & garlic bread…everything was really good and I think the best cole slaw I have ever eaten…I will go back…many times me thinks…or they have take out…..Winking smile Then we went back to my rig (couldn’t sit outside slight misty rain) had some wine and chatted up a storm…while Maggie played with her toys…007

Here is a site on the other side of where we were…nice shade tree (live oak) …you can see how big this site is….011

Our entertainment…

Sun. morning while we were sitting in the shade in front of my rig…these peeps that had the old Winnebago on the left (cream color) a new rig and we watch for a long while as they exchanged rigs.. …they had to pull the old one out of the spot you see new rig in…as it would not start…they used their truck and a chain…then they backed the new one in…I think they full time in it…they have been here for a long time…a young couple with a little boy..


And the rest of the story..

This mini GTG was just a good time get away for those that needed a get awaySmile When I pulled in on Sat morning… I happened to see a rig that look familiar two sites down  …then I see this little wild brown dog and knew it was MM’s (MissMermaid) dog Harley the Bark Ranger….( he is called that because she camp host at St. Parks and he is her helper)..a full time friend that winters here…met her at this campground last year about this time…I knew she was coming just not sure when…so now I can do GTG’s with her…I have been in a funk since Silver Springs…and just getting to a campground even for one night sure lifted my sprits..sooo now even better sprits …knowing that there is someone here in town that I know and can spend some time with…doing what I love the most…Camping!!!  Linda left about noon she had to drive about an hr to get home…I left about 1pm…I was thinking about staying another day to visit but wanted to watch my football games Steelers they won…but  I figured I would save that money for a stay  next week..All for now thanks for looking and come back soon

blessings to all G&M

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  1. Getting away even if it is only for overnight always makes us feel sooo much better. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.