Saturday, November 9, 2013


Maggie and I took ….

a day trip to Wickham Park the other day…we had to park across the road from where we usually park…I was think about changing my parking spot anyway because I would have a view of a pond out my front door….


The reason we had to move is because of what you see in the pic below..they are putting up the lights for the drive thru at Christmas time…this is quite a nice light up show…


So this is the  view we now see sitting out side our door…the road you see in the back ground is the road to the campgrounds…we took a walk over there …stepped on some kind of ant hill did not know it until they started to bite got my shoes and socks off…and ended up with not too many bites….


And this is the view when we look to the right as we sit  and enjoy the park…you can also fish in this pond…haven't tried it yet..


And we also took…

a walk looking for this Geocache..found it easy enough …


but…getting the log out so we could sign it was another story…it is some kind of puzzle cache…so after a few min. of trying to get it out …I had one of those “aha” moments and figured out the puzzle…


More of the story…

When we took a walk around the  campground this day…there were a lot of empty sites…but it was the middle of the week so that might be why…since there were so many empty I took some pics of my favorite ones for when I do some more camping there…lot of space to maneuver your RV in at most any way you want…I like by front door away from the road…and you can do that with many of the sites ….well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon..blessings to all G&M

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  1. That's a beautiful place! So green - I guess that pops out at me since I'm in the desert. :)

    Bummer about the ants - that happened to Katie the day she got bitten by the red ant. Not fun, for sure. Hope your bites are okay now.