Friday, September 9, 2011


I had a great day at the yard sales today. Got 57 of these great post cards, all for only 8.00. The graphics are wonderful on them. I am really not sure how to use them yet with my altered art projects. 003

I will be leaving and heading south next Friday. I can’t wait….it has been a long summer and not a great one at that. We will be stopping in VA to visit my daughter and family and then after a few days heading on down to FL.004

I was planning on staying at camp grounds instead of motels but I have so much to take with me the truck will be full of altered art stuff, can you believe that! I have gone back and unpacked thinking of what I could leave here and I don’t want to leave any of it!005

I am again taking my time traveling and taking 3 days to get there. Hope to take a few back roads and not all interstates. I found out a week ago that I need a new furnace and now have to turn the gas off for the winter, and that means turning off the water also. Now that is a whole other post…they have been trying to find the water turn off at the street for 2 days now. Coming mon or tues with a back hoe. And there goes the end of my drive way. I am glad that the water co. has to replace it. I will post some pic’s next week. Not much geocaching going on either. Well all for now thanks for looking and come back soon

Blessings G&M

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